FRIENDLY WARS! Clash of Clans Update NEWS!

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  2. Unfortunately for the war clans its not useful because we generally do back to back to back (etc) wars. And the fact that you don't lose your army on friendly war attacks but you lose your war cc on attacking is stupid. It's not worth it. Saved the worst for last on the sneak peaks.

  3. Galadon i already got 2 legendary Chests From battles

  4. He said in the end that see you tomorrow for more full attacks.
    Means update is coming tomorrow.

  5. You Will get your army back after?

  6. They're still trying to get people to come back to this shit game?

  7. 1.13

  8. theres clan level 23

  9. +Galadon how can I get the developer build

  10. Are You A Th8,9,10,11 Non Rushed Player Looking For A Clan
    Join Us
    Clan Code :#PQ8LGL8Q
    Name : Joker's Squad
    Level 5

  11. GALADON back at it again with…..

  12. does the troops die or it is like friendly challenge ???

  13. This game is dead

  14. when this update is coming?

  15. I have a question? Is there a WAR BONUS with Friendly Clan War Challenge? im a leader of soul sacrifice clan, from the Philippines.

  16. How do you keep the war balanced?

  17. i have questions…
    1) Is there any matching system like th9 vs th 9 or it doesnt matter what townhall lvl players are.
    2)Can we war with same clan again nd again…..

  18. How does he get all these updates and gets to play them

  19. #GALA FAN ….. ???

  20. that was the last sneak peek now the update will come out between tmr and Wednesday. its most likely Tuesday tho

  21. thnx bfo u updated me everytime….

  22. It should atleast some badge or some title or something that would be awesome isn't it…? #GalaFam ?

  23. i wish mods shouldn't have existed , i miss my game have a good game all . please don't come up and call me as cheater i just used mod to copy paste bases. to be fair i never cheated any one in war using mods.a big dual thumbs up for the game have fun all . I started playing again moving to townhall 6 in 2 days

  24. Galadon helpfull as always <3

  25. PK les phrencofonne n'en parle pas dutout ?

  26. PK les phrencofonne n'en parle pas dutout ?

  27. no more sneak peeks?

  28. nah, not an exciting sneak peek

  29. Cool!

  30. I kind of like this just nerf miner and no bomb tower i wanna stay max th 11:(

  31. lvl 20 clans? NICE

  32. 00:23 New defense? Next to mortars.

  33. What about town hall level match making? How to decide that?

  34. Did I see a new x bow mortar and Tesla model I smell new lvls

  35. will we lose the troops ?? or is it like in the friendly where you dont lose any of your troops

  36. Will the troops donated in friendly war cc be lost?

  37. Hi Galadon, the clan: FW test 1 doesn't show up when I search clans and I even tried the # too. How do I look at that clan?

  38. So um why does the townhall say the inferno is fully loaded and it's empty?

  39. I want to know whether the war challenge has the balance of townhalls, defs and troops??

  40. how the hell can a war battle day last 3 minutes, supercell… omg

  41. 23 lvl of clan wtf

  42. Hmm.. what about war rewards?


  44. How does an individual get the developers thingy?

  45. Will there be a sneak peak tommorow also?

  46. Galadon  plz join my clan for some days I just opened it…clan tag  #GJR90L2C  CLAN NAME—EMPIRE BD

  47. did i jst c a lvl 20 clan?! hw on earth is dat possible!!??????