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  1. nonsense update

  2. leval 12 gold storage and elixa

  3. I think it is going to be a flying troops

  4. wahh Nice Townhall11 . Yeahh . i Like It.

  5. 1. lvl 7 clan castle
    2. lvl 9 army camps
    3. new dark troop, something thats quick and fast the hybrid between tank troop and attacking troop
    4. new wall levels
    5. new mortar lvl

  6. dame update crashing like a drunk, nice super cell

  7. 1. CHRISTMAS TREES, 2. Bigger map 3. New spell levels 4. New level inferno 5. New army camp level

  8. 1. New level Storage's
    2. New level Walls or changed look
    3.New level for any of the defenses.
    4. New Collector levels or just another collector
    5. LEVEL 7 WIZARDS!!!

  9. General Tony im StrM-

  10. 1)New dark troop
    2)new dark spell
    3)new seeking mine level
    4)A new clan castle level
    5)new levels of troops

  11. 1. A new airs-weeper:-( 2. new dark troop 3. new level wals 4. more health for heroes 5. more collectors

  12. I think when we train troops up they will be like training spells where you can build 2 giants then some wizards then 2 giants again but those giants will train after the wizards. I also feel like we are going to get it so we can automatically train the same army comp

  13. all these videos are way too long, just tell us whats coming please.. thats all i want to hear

  14. bisher clanwars with more Clans togehther

  15. New troop new lvl rage spell lvl 6 hogs lvl 7 gobling new spell

  16. Waterfall feature brought back
    level 12 walls
    Ability to list troops in the sequence that you press
    War button will flash when someone is attacking
    Audio to notiffy she you have found an attackunable to find an attack
    Level 7 dark barracks

  17. new dark troop

    new troop lvls

    new goblin maps

    new spell (elixer) because th9 gets freeze now

    new dark elixer storage lvl

  18. The Devastator
    New clan levels
    New hero levels
    New levels of hogs, loons and wizards
    New goblin campaign maps. If I win can I have the gift card to this google account to android? Thx

  19. 1. New dark troop
    2. Clan Castle spell donate and show what is donated
    3. Shield, Vilage guard and league bonuses changed
    4. All traps and xbow cost are minimized
    5. Th is not give anymore free shield and it is like storage
    iOS gift cart pls :)

  20. 7 8 and 9 get new d but only 1