Future of Clan Wars with Clash With Ash

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  1. I really like the idea of spectating with commentary. I think that would bring more people into the game. Love your videos! By the way do you look like your Avatar?

  2. Gams clash of clans


  3. I love your vids I used to be in the kingdom in clash royale

  4. I told you they need to put arranged match ups in there. Even if it's as simple as facing your buddies clan. Arranged match ups doesn't necessarily have to involve high level war clans. EVERYBODY wants to and would have fun with that feature. And if they don't, they can go on pushing or farming or random war matching or whatever. But make it an option.

  5. Hi Heather, I found you from Ash's video. Can you do a face reveal so we can see how hot you are? Gamer girls are sexy ?

  6. Huh and I thought I made it when I talked to u and followed me on Twitter. ??

  7. Hey heather you should do a face reveal video!

  8. hi clash tutor. i got kicked from maroon monkeys cause i couldnt get 3 star on a base. please help me join back. hope you will reply.

  9. Damn really want to apply to one of your clans, gotta upgrade those pumps though!!

  10. Any idea when it's being released? Sometime this month?

  11. Hello Clash Tutor, about the whole, match making i really enjoy that TH.5 is back. I was reading up on CoC, the day of the release and it was like i was reading .5 is back boys and better. Also thank you for the vids seem we have a heavy interest in war. I've started my own channel months back one of the reason where watching Tubers like You man…

  12. Just the fact that we can't do test attacks against eachother shows how far behind SC really is.
    They're miles behind the War community.

  13. glad to see Ash and Heather collab


  15. I Don't care For Arranged Wars my self. only thing I see is we are Being way over matched like when we where matched against 5 T.H 11s against out 2 THE10s also something says A Player left another clan war with out Attacking. like A Mark on them.

  16. BB just got mismatched heather, two mismatched wars in a row

  17. This is great!!

  18. Clash of clans was getting boring because I've always been losing attacks, so i wasn't making enough to upgrade anything. Thank you for all thease awesome videos, they are really helping me out ?

  19. just a thought but if still wanted to do arranged war couldn't both teams start brand new clans war wins / loses wouldn't be taken into account that way

  20. Had such a great time chatting with you! Thanks so much for making the time to join me in this conversation!

  21. Hi Clash Tutor! Love your vids!