GEMMING 3 Accounts – October Update Clash of Clans

  1. 4.4.2 crash game ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. You're so fucking funny I love it

  3. you spent like $250 on some useless walls instead of grinding for a few months lol

  4. Be my sugar daddy ed I won’t give up

  5. Clash with Ed. We really hope about GoWiPe and GoWaPe attacks. Try ?

  6. Why gemming??? Why dont waiting….

  7. nice

  8. Doc mujtaba's account are u Gemming for other peoples !! bcz I'm from Pakistan he is from Pakistan !

  9. Wooowwww

  10. what happened to the golden goblins ??

  11. Algum Br?

  12. Oh my god he full max th11 just in sec help me by giving few google gift cards to me for few gemming plz reply me!!!

  13. Bomb towers bro

  14. Curti a atualização, coisas simples, mas da hora !

  15. Don't miss. The new path man?

  16. I wish those nubs added a army swap feature(like in builder base) to home village so we can push and farm better

  17. HOLA

  18. Love your videos again..?

  19. dang how could u gem walls?

  20. wow nice bro

  21. awesome ed

  22. 1

  23. 1st