Getting So Close to 6K Trophies! – TH11 Push to 6k! – Clash of Clans – Live Pushing Session

Getting So Close to 6K Trophies! Join Patreon for Exclusive perks including Office hours where you get to chat and discuss what’s going on with me! Like,…


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  1. stopped playing coc but after 3 years im so motivated to play this game because of you , thanks dude

  2. Clash bashing plss can you learn me hoa I can play with more accounts with supercell id

  3. How do you film Clash of clans

  4. Nice buddy! U are the best pusher i have seen in world of coc

  5. Loved the video!

  6. upraged to inferno tower level 5

  7. Hey CB I had stopped CLASHING so if I will not play COC for couple of years then can SUPERCELL BAN my account permanently. Please reply me. I want to know that because I am TH10. Please help me buddy.

  8. Gl

  9. Your defence brought you back down to your pb from the start of the video. That's what you call a solid session ?

  10. Wazzup

  11. Nice bash

  12. Why are your infernos set to multi? Single target is better since the inferno healing change.

  13. Nice bashy

  14. Can u try to push more than 6000 ?

  15. Iraqi

  16. Nice attack

  17. nice video 🙂

  18. GOoD luck buddy. That -19 is just ridiculous for one loss

  19. Seahawks should’ve run the ball

  20. I Like to see how you push i Push with t9 to titan

  21. Bash : "A lot of my defenses are still th9"

    Uhh, you sure about that?

  22. Hii!!pushing th9 more pls as I learn a lot by them pls!!….??

  23. rocky bud. how come you don't rage ahead of your queen a bit n let her walk into it. itll usually get ya more value

  24. Not a Th11 but Enjoyed this one
    Good Work Bash! 🙂

  25. Hi rocky

  26. Come on rocky u r da best

  27. When the video to vote for the top 5 or 10 also stream later?


  29. when are you going live?

  30. Instead of gaints Use Golem .

  31. Nice

  32. can i get a shoutout

  33. Nice Rocky

  34. I like the serie!

  35. Hey Bash!
    Goodluck with the push bud!?

  36. hey am going to push to legend at th8,plz which troops to use??

  37. Nice video Bash ??

  38. What about Th9 push Zero to hero episode.

  39. Nice video Bash!!! Hope you make it man. Long road but we all know you'll make it

  40. 9th comment go follow Carson valade on imstagram

  41. Keep up the grind buddy! I wish you the best of luck! By the way, just got my infernos down and got bowlers/miners.