GHOST DRAGON!! Disappearing Baby Dragon in Builder Base 4! Clash of Clans

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  1. you should start a series where you get to max th 5 and then go to 6 but buy no new buildings or walls and max out the stuff you already had at th 5 then go to 7 and do the same, and if you get far enough with your town hall 5 buildings only and you cant go further because you need more storage then you can buy more storages, also maybe you aloud to get like king and queen.

  2. The baby dragon died.. the archer tower killed it..

  3. can i join my your clan im th9 max

  4. I became BH4 2 days ago

  5. The archer tower took it out!

  6. The all thing matters what base weak point and the first Attack that U did was the best base for that army

  7. KALUS I have an that I'm gonna recommend U a base that having all of air defemses and air bomb at onces use lvl 8 Giants twice and last 2 army use baby dragon U will get that air targeting thing and then deploy baby d at face of archer tower and tesla

  8. I want to join your clan

  9. I've been using lv 8 baby drags and wrecking most bases as you get extra 2 at lv 8 (12 overall) it's great to get deep in bases if you get good funnels

  10. hey Klaus try minion spam if you find free air bombs and I've done well

  11. I have LVL 8 baby drags they are ok..

  12. I Just upgraded to lv5, it still sucks lol

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  14. Klaus buddy can u make a video on how to play coc in PC. It would be awesome if u did that. Big fan!!

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  17. I'm not a fan of builder bases

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  20. The archer tower killed it right before you dropped your last drag. It's health was low so it took about 2 shots before it died. Also, I recommend rushing to BH5. It's the only way to compete because troop levels are everything and it's not as punishing as rushing in the main base because it's still really early in the night village. Having the battle machine with your baby drags is also incredible. My drags hit lvl 10 this morning and I've literally 3 starred every base I attacked so far. Pushed past 3k easily and I'm basically a BH4 on defense

  21. I have lvl 8 and they are op

  22. Baby Dragons are trash and overrated. Giants, archers and bombers are much better.

  23. Click bait

  24. new sub yay

  25. i am bh 5

  26. but the giant and the baby drag have to be lvl 8

  27. try giant archer and baby drag its op

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  33. the baby dragon was killed by the archer tower

  34. Hey Klaus, I have made a new logo for the channel. You don't have to use it obviously haha. I guess it's fan art, if you'd like to use it just reply and I'll send it to you. I have sent it to your business email ! It will be titled "New Channel Logo?" If you like it just reply to me on here or on there, this is one of the ways I can give back to you!

  35. I got level 8 baby dragons…

  36. hey plz make a video on th7 best base

  37. me ttooooo

  38. why I am I getting builder 5 the game is broken ??

  39. Klaus for builder hall 4 giants and archers is also a pretty op strategy. You should try it for your next video. It's pretty simple. Just make a funnel then send in the giants and archers.(preferably on the opposite side of the crusher).