#GiveUsArrangedWars Movement & Future of Clash Of Clans

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  1. Maybe they have and I'm just not aware but I really think SC needs a very active player like yourself on payroll. I know my company has staff that their entire purpose is evaluating or service and products and comparing them to the needs of our customers and potential customers. To see how we can keep the ones we have happy and gain as many new as possible. Keep it up Ash always enjoy your perspective on things

  2. #GiveUsArrangedWars!!!

  3. they can put some gems system to it participants need to use gems to get into arrange wars

  4. Ash, forget about CoC. It is struggling since Dec/15. It become boring and SC refuses to add what we want (SC's forum have a lot of good suggestions and features to be added).

    Pokémon GO is the way to go now. I want Ash Pokémon Videos!

  5. i dont agree with hardcore players make up the most money for coc. hardcore players probably make up 1% of the community. ill ise 100 people for easy math. lets say on average they have spent 4 thousand dollars on the game. even if 1/3 of that remaining 99% have spent just 200 hundred dollars like me who is not hardcore by any means, then the casual cummunity brings in 6,600 dollars. (.01×100) × 4000= 4000
    (99/3=33) (.33×100)×200=6600.
    so i would say your casual player base most likely makes up the largest percentage of income

  6. U should not be able to arrange wars because u could just win the war over and over and get rich

  7. what does the warden's ability do????

  8. #listen to ash Coc team

  9. They wont. The thing is you youtubers are the minority. Most other clans dont arrange wars and more exciting to see if balanced or not. Then a challenge.

  10. wont people be boosting their clans

  11. This is so frustrating to see, you know well Ash that the Clash developer team has very little knowledge on what we want and how to make in non abusable/ balanced etc. Please join the developers team :D

  12. The cons are fucking retarded. Supercell are just trying to come up with reasons why they can't add arranged war

  13. great points as always, thanks Ash…

  14. Please Sub to me guys! You all are awesome :D

  15. we can have cooldown of 1 week for AW

  16. hey ash.. why arent you in the reddit v youtubers game? galadon said u were invited..

  17. Hey Tim, could you highlight one of my attacks, please? I threestarred a th 10 with max infernos (single) and xbows and lvl9/10 walls as a th 9, using a qw mass valk attack and an effective skeleton spell.

  18. thanks Ash for Keeping us updated all the time. I'll like to ask u if u think there's a possibility for a new level of promotion. Maybe an in between Co and Elder, I personally have a 50 member clan and sometimes it feels like elder is not showing enough respect or appreciation to some valuable members. I know this is not a priority whatsoever but I'll be a cool addition. thanks for posting clash videos

  19. So you do agree this game is on decline. Looks like there's nothing interesting in the upcoming update either, as usual. From what we see, even a gem drill won't save this dying and boring game.

  20. What I think you will find among the more competitive clans will that they will all run arranged wars 24/7 which I'm sure lots of people who are members of competitive clans won't be able to do serious wars 24/7. I enjoy the cool down after a arranged war and the time during war day to get other things done

  21. Maybe as a solution to the pool being decreased would be to allow only one arranged war per week? Give it a 5d cool down?

  22. who has a max miner …can I hop in your clan? plsss I need it for war…
    thanks plss reply in my comment …

  23. WTF man, how can't they create something that simpy instant matches 2 clans that want to war each other? I mean if you had billions of dollars it would be no problem hiring a bad ass programmer that knows how to do such thing. I still think some of the coc dev team members or some of their friends/family plays the game as a cheater and thus don't give a single fuck about the fpc community. I truly can't believe any other explanation.

  24. They could add a (week, 2 week?) cooldown on AW matching to negate the cons.

  25. I use the same army for raiding every time, so to have the ability to store a preset "raiding" army or preset "war" army and having a "one click troop build" would be awesome.