Global #6 Dr Mujtaba a.k.a. Dr Gems – ATTACKING – See His 3 Star Push Strategy

  1. how

  2. I am Pakistani

  3. Iha vitu mahtava video edi 😀

  4. your difense vallage?

  5. Hey It's Dizzy ! Our haters go fuck yourself!!!!

  6. ED do you know Dr.Mujtaba I am from Pakistan

  7. Nice raid Dr Gems

  8. Also show attacks of builder base toppers??

  9. Absolutely fucking amazing. I just got th10 today so I am going to try that laloon trick

  10. Dr.Mujtaba nice attack

  11. Upaupa is the name of a fire dance used by the Europeans.

  12. you have always called other than pussy attacking and spamming. … has your opinion changed? When others attack like that, they are always noobs for you

  13. great bro, follow well greetings from Costa Rica

  14. damn ed these was serious raids

  15. Nice video ?

  16. Dr.MujTabaa

  17. woo 1st, haha