GOBOLALO TH9 ATTACK STRATEGY 2017 | 3 Star Any Base in Clan War | Clash of Clans

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  1. What is everyones plans this weekend? Follow my livestream for CWL action this weekend: http://twitch.tv/wickedgaming1337

  2. #milkshake great vid wicked. I am still quite poor attacking with air but used the gobolaloon a couple of wars back and absolutely crushed the no.3 base

  3. #milkshake

  4. #Milkshake xD awsome attacks!


  6. #my milkshake brings all the bowlers to the yard! – stay wicked

  7. I use a Little bit different type of air attack and it works realy well
    its an Golaloon with 2 Babydragons 1 Golem 3-4 wallbreakers 2 wizzards 2 Walkyries 1 Jump 1 Rage 1 Poison for the killsquat and i kill queen cc and 1 Airdeffense and some times 1 X-bow too
    Airattack is with 2 Lavahounds and 1 in the cc and 14 Loons 4 Minions and 2 Archers to clean and its allways a 3* and i 3* Th 9.5 with 3 X-bows and lvl 35 heroes ps. i have only lvl 20 heroes

  8. Milkshake

  9. thnx fr uploading videos of gobolaloon..i wnt to play 1 war with ur clan …can i come in ur clan fr 1 war…………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..accept me…tommorow…when u r online at uploading videos…my profile name is brb king….with lvl 8 queen

  10. Never works for me 😛

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  12. I just now did my attack. And ive been using gobalaloon for a while. But i got 95% coz the loons decided not to split

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  14. Dude post some interesting videos like
    Mass baby dragons
    Mass hogs
    Barcher at high townhall level
    Or atleast th9 vs th10

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  16. hey wicked… just a quick question. why do u always HAVE to say "bowlers DONATED BY Th10s or 11s" obviously they aren't gonna come from th9s or 8. duh. ?

  17. Im often Attacking with GoBoLaLo its a good strategy. I learned it from your Videos?

  18. bro if u went to capture some hghb th9 u r welcomed as its my pleasure to be in ur video so #88qvql its my tag bcuz recently I have 3s 9.3 th10

  19. one word… Milkshake

  20. #Milkshake

  21. yahoooo!!!failed two times… but successfully 3 star on my third attempt!!!??thnx for the strategy!!!

  22. milkshake

  23. I often failed with it But today i did my first three Star with this strategy?

  24. I often failed with it But today i did my first three Star with this strategy?

  25. can I join ur clan I am th9 with combined heroes 20

  26. hi wicked, can u please SAY how many troops to use

  27. super strong attack. #milkshake

  28. another great video! My clan doesn't use gobolalo but I've told them several times to. I'm the only one that uses GoBoLaLo and it's definitely a great strategy! Keep up the good work and keep putting out quality videos :). also you should post some clash royale decks

  29. Bro Wicked Gaming I m not getting 2 star in thi strategy. How?

  30. #milkshake Br