GoBoLo | Air Ground TH9 3 STAR SPLIT ATTACK GUIDE | WAR Clash of Clans

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  1. Thx for the video. What is your primary attack with your th10 cast n blast account? One of the best th11 players I was in a clan with was running shattered laloon and absolutely killing it, beating other th11s and destroying th10s.

  2. not criticizing but bowler are not easy to get why people are not developing a good strategy same as bowler and don't drop hate comments if you don't understand this leave it

  3. Great video bro.I requested to join your clan last month but I was rejected.I just wanna learn some queen pop strategy from there.Why they rejected me?why?why?

  4. bro can i get your clan tag?i am a th9 with 14 king,15 queen and all defences leveled th8 plz i wanna join

  5. Would you guys accept a 85% maxed th9? Big fan love queen pop

  6. Nice…

  7. Another great Video. Keep it up! 🙂

  8. watch my channel(American Dream Clan) also for some good vid

  9. Nicely Done Cast nd blast! love your videos ?

  10. Awesome video Cast N' Blast! I just know one day you will be an even better Youtuber than you already are. I'm a new sub. 🙂

  11. Great video, recently got back into clash of clans after taking a long break. And it's nice to see a YouTube account still covering clash of clans after the release of clash royale!

  12. what is the music in the background of the intro called?

  13. cast love this strategy.. cant wait to try diz out..in our war tonight!..

    tnx for the videos..

  14. best attack for th9..but what about valks

  15. More videos like this please!

  16. Try this with th10

  17. Great video Cast!

  18. Great video