GoWiPe Gets The Loots! – Triple Threat Event Army – Clash of Clans – TH9 DE Farming

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  1. Which army would u recommend using to push to titan as a th9?

  2. So have you got any th8 attack strats?

  3. Sir I Often use your army, ideas, etc. And also always recommend my coc frnds to visit your channel for well and good growing in coc…
    You are best Sir…Keep It up and Keep guiding Us… If it's COC it's Clash Bash….??????

  4. U will hit 100 k sub…I am saying

  5. Hey, poison spell doesn't make any damages to heros…

  6. Bro Can You Make Any Update Regarding Th12 And Other Stuff please ?

  7. I use 1 golem 2 pekkas 7 valks 11 wizs 6 wlbrker 10 Archer 1 bdrag as my regular army for pushing.

  8. Sir, Can I come In your clan I have th7 which will be max soon defence is max and army is almost max at th7 and barb king of lvl3… Plz……sir can you add me in your clan…. kindly Give A reply…. Plz, no matter you agree or not but give me reply plz…..

  9. I want a book of fighting in the event so that I could instantly upgrade my balloons to lvl6 as soon as I am a th9 and have my lab upgraded. I have also saved up a book of building so that I could instantly upgrade my spell factory the day I am a th9. I also had two books of heroes I planned on saving but instead I upgraded my king twice to lvl 10. I am a th8 and will be a 9 hopefully by the end of this month.

  10. Gowipe +20 queen charge OPs th9. 3 star almost any th 9.
    I hit 2 star on th 10.

  11. Watch it’ll be something useless for the bh lol

  12. Quality vid?. What wud u say is the th8 war attacking meta right now????

  13. even if i stoped playing clash still i will watch ur videos buddy lov u

  14. i am following u since ur last th8 push , from then till now i keep on questioning why u have such low subs u r the best clash content creator

  15. I like your th10s videos the most but this one was pretty impressive;)

  16. I like event videos… Any info on upcoming update?

  17. Great Video

  18. Nice

  19. I like event videos

  20. Hey bash! Should i 8.5 or build the x-bows?

  21. GoWiPe And GoVaPe is 2 super strong attack strategies. they dont work all the time, but 80% of the time atleast. i know this cuz im a maxed th-8 and ive pushed to legends league using GoWiPe, GoVaPe before.

    Also great video Bash, keep up the work!.

    I think the reward for the Triple threat will be a book of building. or if ur unlucky a book of spells/fighting 🙂

  22. what is happening to your beard in the video…blue screen

  23. good vid