GoWiPe tutorial 4 farmers | TH9 and 10 clash gowipe strategy | Clash of Clans Clan War strategy

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  1. Daddy you are my idol you are the best YouTuber ever I love your videos and
    I am a die hard fan you are amazing no one should hate your videos because
    they are beast

  2. Daddy, Gratz on 200k. I have been here since about 60k, cheers to another
    100k. You more than deserve it. 

  3. Can you do a gowipe for town hall 8?

  4. Really enjoyed this video! nice work. Only thing I found odd is why did you
    renter your “daddy” intro in 720p or 480p rather than 1080p (Doesn’t fill
    the entire screen). Just curious. But apart from that really enjoyed. You
    have really earned my sub.

  5. Who wants to be my 5,000th sub???

  6. Im in a big war and today i used gowipe for the first time, i am mid TH8
    and used dragons until now. Since this base was 10 places above me and was
    spread out very good dragons wouldn’t 3star it. And it was 2starred with
    gowipe allreaddy. And i 3 starred it with my lvl 1 pekkas and golems , HA
    Ha .. took 1 lvl 4 pekka in cc and at the end i had 6 wizards, BK,all 3
    pekkas and 1 golemite alive ! that was awesome !!!
    I used 18 wiz, 2 pekkas, 2 golems, 9 wbs.
    Cheers !

  7. You deserve so many more subs daddy!!! Why don’t you have them? <333

  8. Daddy, you should have took your queen, she would have made a difference

  9. Here’s another really good gowipe tutorial. 

  10. u can’t really use gowipe when farming cos you’ll NEVER break even…

  11. How I wish Supercell give TH9 the lv6 Wizard to give us a chance against

  12. Daddy you make so menay peoples days you basicly have no haters and I think
    you are amazing daddy.

    Like is you agree

  13. Despite I am not th 9 I think this will help me alot once again amazing bid
    I have tried to give tips and comment as much as I can :)

  14. another great video explaining GOWIPE. i have had times where the pekka’s
    run around the outside because i didn’t clear the outside buildings. look
    forward to trying it your way.

    Thanks Daddy!

  15. I don’t understand why people drop the freeze spells on top of the infernos
    before checking if you can get another defense with it

  16. I prefer 2 freeze imstead of one. Just bait the clancastle with 3
    giants/hogs/loons, or smaller troops if possible

  17. Daddy! I believe you attacked one of my clanmates on Daddy Dom2! The clan
    is SausageSandwich

  18. I am the king at gowipe strategy check it out and also the biggest fail in

  19. Daddy, you know your fair bit about clash of clans XD. Do you know if they
    will ever make it so that you can use your hero’s when they’re upgrading?
    Im th9 with maxed dark troops for my th, (besides valks) because i just
    hate not being able to use my heroes. i have lvl 5 queen and lvl 8 king. i
    just hate not being able to use them, id rather have weak heroes than no
    heroes for a few days. 

  20. Sup

  21. Daddy give a tutorial of your TH9 base please

  22. Thank you very much for the detailed tutorial daddy. Finally maxed golem
    wiz and pekka at th8. Watched this video and won the clan war with a 3 star
    on a th9. Thank you so much. Everyone subscribe to daddy!

  23. #under301club Daddy, when is inspire 4 starting?(if it is) I really enjoyed
    inspire3 and can’t wait for it (Snipe from inspire3)

  24. The good old intro^^