Grow Grass ANYWHERE in Your Village! Clash of Clans ‘Life Hacks’ #1!

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  1. Notification squad, where you at?

    Don't forget to tweet me your grass for a shot at the $75 prize! @GaladonGaming – #CustomGrass!

  2. I am so happy whenever i get a notification on my notifications list abt GALADON GAMING. I love the new way of you galadon. U r doing things which u enjoy.I hope u play other games which r enjoyable as well. Bed time in india tho.

  3. YAY the my name is jeff one is mine!

  4. who else thought he will say " what's up clashers, i'm galadon here with powerbang" in the beginning of the video.

  5. Hey guys new clash of clans youtube here. I just posted a video of how to beat engineered clans in war. Go check it out and leave some feedback if you can!

  6. I'm going to to use those 4 minutes to make

    a full attack

  7. I already got too many grass need to shave all .

  8. I'm working on something, Galadon.

  9. Will you stop with the grass videos jeez

  10. Used the 4 minutes to do nothing

  11. I'm gonna look out my window

  12. This felt like a more interesting science class

  13. That moment when you let your friend who is a noob play but tell him not to do a latter battle, he does…. With your all legendary deck… And draws… Agains an equal level. And that equal level was using the hardest to win deck. Skelees, heal , bats , tombstone, clone, mirror,pump, tornado. And it becomes a draw xD (edit) I made this scenario up but it would be funny if it Acually happened

  14. With those last 4 minutes i ate breakfast, gave 1000+ dollars to thehomeless, turned on notifications for Galadon Gaming, liked all his vids, and kept reloading the page so it would count as extra views

  15. I cleared my whole village so I cant do this, well fk my life

  16. i used the 4 minutes for watching more Full attacks!

  17. NEPAL Custom Grass is mine. thanks gally

  18. ???1 like = good luck
    1 sub= good life rich

  19. Still working on my grass. It's being a small pain. Lol

  20. i'm banned for making a °|° with grass ??

  21. 3,860th. nope I don't care about being first. This might be the only comment that does not say first if you are early.

  22. galadon, your ads are freaking long. I stopped once I saw the 26 secs ads.

  23. I have a cool grass setup but I don't have twitter :,(

  24. wow i am in the video

  25. 🙁 im not in the vid. I post mjne at insta

  26. What Kabab leave

  27. Thanks Gally, I was thinking how can I grow grass anywhere like u….!!!! Keep Clashing

  28. I am making a custom grass right now! I love your content Galadon and hope I can win!

  29. Hey! Have a nice day! and Don't read my name! 😉

  30. Or you could just give me the $75

  31. nice I'm going to try this!

  32. Gallydon! I'm gonna use my extra 4 minutes to take a giant sh*t! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  33. Ive never got a heart in my life -_-

  34. My 4 minutes will be to make a positive message out of my grass!

  35. Hamro desh ko pani roixa Hoit! ? It!

  36. I m your nepalese fan.. one of them

  37. galadon i cant beleive you my village design was amazing better then spelling stupid names took me ages ffs you really rushed picking the bases i posted the day you posted that video and it got a fair amout of likes looks like you dont give a shot

  38. Wanna hear a good joke?

    Yeah, me too 🙁