GS96 vs Crazy Russian – The Revenge Match – Th10 Attacks Taste – Clash Of Clans

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  1. Hey man, love your page, think u could make a walking queen golaloon th10 tutorial video?! i have a hard time finding bases that work well. would appreciate it! clash on

  2. Гуд

  3. Красавчики !!! COOOLLLLL!!!!

  4. Blown away by this! How many th10s did Crazy Russian have?

  5. макс подскажи пож черезо что снимаешь?

  6. порадовал твой отличный русский))

  7. gadihh…i cant seem to get bindle to work and would like some advice if possible please. could you drop by adults@war and say Dingleberry invited you? would be much appreciated man!

  8. You can speak Russian well)),I bad speak English((

  9. О, крысейзи рашн снова поимели, красота)
    Well done GS96! Good war and nice strategy. Looking forward to see CR raped third time.

  10. естественно

  11. естественно

  12. записывай на русском языке еще ролики для нас))))))

  13. Your Russian is much better than my English)

  14. You good speak russian, but my english bad =)

  15. good war, we will wait for new rematch;) good luck mans!

  16. now, you have many funs from russia!)

  17. i remember than gadi was fair play lol
    this is better ;)

  18. How do you arrange a war with a specific clan? Sorry the ignorance

  19. Пюздюк, хаое выкладывать чужие видио! Дно! тебе просмотры главнее!

  20. Perfect war? Wow is it a fair play clan?