Hero Abilities get you TROPHIES!

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  1. After the push can u do a guide on de farming? Did you just use bam in like
    master league?

  2. I dont wanna tell you how to attack, I’m a huge fan, You truly are the the
    master of barch, but if you would use your heros ability after he has taken
    some damage, it would be smarter, for his ability not only makes him
    stronger, but also regains health. I dont even know why i’m writing this,
    you’re probably never gonna read it, but still… :D

  3. Lol u actually gave asian JFK the dea
    U said i though you were lying when u said it in clan 

  4. 1 like for Asian JFK defence on MY base! Lol

  5. Am i first?

  6. great videos and i really like your strategy im actually using it XD keep
    it up 

  7. That raid was so funny hog fail!

  8. In the future, i’ll join your clan. Nice video:)

  9. Cool

  10. Your a crack up man love the vids!

  11. so excited for the push! its dw3iss19

  12. 75th Like!!!

  13. im fourth

  14. Nice

  15. Liked it for the shit stain,,, lol

  16. Cam did u sign up for forum elite?