Hitchhiker Episode #40 Bada Bing Clan

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  1. Hey Jake, i am $-cam-$ from the clan active kindom (#LQJYVQO), please come check us out and do a vid on our current war, its a good one.

  2. Hello, Jake. I am anahoret, the leader of Bada Bing Clan. I just wanna thank you for what you did for us. You and Onehive are inspirational for all of us?. And big thanks to Lord Byron, which is an awesome guy✌ Cheers!

  3. Jake my clan (sushi clan) is up against bada bing clan right now, if you want to check out some replays I'm sure either side would gladly let you in.

  4. @OneHive Raids Hey man, if you get a chance.. Please check us out @Reddit Vortex. We have some amazing attackers and we would love to be featured on the channel! Anyways, as always enjoyed the vid.. These guys don't play.

  5. We're going up against these guys right now

  6. My clan isnt well known either. SCLSU MudDawgs 69 win streak :p

  7. Can you do a hitchhiker episode for my clan, jake??? It's lvl 8 and called Act of War ??

  8. Well…I guess that ruins our chances of a hitchhiker video..I don't have a twitter account…

  9. Bada Bing is the name of a brothel in my city :D

  10. You can Hitchhiker us if you want. Great vid!

  11. the thing is..that this community is awesome. when you start getting more subscribers and views,you will get more haters.I hope this channel becomes big and awesome,but I hope we get a more mature crowd

  12. When moving to TH9.5, should I get the new 25 walls?

  13. He jake, I think penta lavaloon is coming back. The new update made the pup go for the queen more again, I think it's like before, what do u think?


  15. Jake, if you watched the TokyoClash event. What do you think about the attacks done within the 5v5 war? #0StarsWinWar

  16. You should check us out 🙂 Reddit vortex, L7, 130 war wins. We have folks from reddit reUnited which u had in hitchhiker episode around 10.

  17. Hey Jake I am saying Hi from the second sons which is a feeder clan od the true sons which is a leaderboard clan on the top mixed war rankings

  18. Hey Jake, maybe something to tell about in your video's. Since the poison spell starts low on poison damage, skeletons from skeleton traps could possibly excape in some cases when it's dropped like pre-update. When you know where the hogs are going to path during the raid, you might drop if already 1 or 2 defenses further on, so that when the skeletons cross that poison spell when it's already dealing significant damage per second. By the way, i love your videos, no one on youtube makes people learn this much about 3-star attacks.

  19. In this series do u just go checking out war clans?

  20. Join the thunder bums