HOLY WRECKER!!! “Clash Of Clans” DOES IT WORK!?!

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  1. Shame about the wall wrecker. Try rage spells on it!

  2. อัพเดตแล้วกูเข้าเกมส์ไม่ได้เลยโว้ย

  3. Like it

  4. Sir my Coc is not working do something sir my device name is Gionee P3S

  5. Hy Godson I'm your DHF

  6. Thanks dude .I love it ….. Thanku for more information ..thzzzzZzzz

  7. Esa aldea Denigrante 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. See in 2x playback speed!

  9. U

  10. Lol who still plays coc

  11. How do I get it back

  12. I have lost my village

  13. How to not open any mobile

  14. Giant skeleton!?

  15. Nice godson i am very big fan of you. In next video plz on your camera. This is your real account. You play very well

  16. its a good idea for testing wall wrecker with healer but healer did not treated as troop

  17. its a good idea

  18. how you got giant skeleton


  20. How did you get giant skeleton

  21. godson since i have updated my game it is not working the loading is not happening and it just hang so plss tell me what should i do…

  22. Hahaha he said ( heal the valkysaries)

  23. Try the HOLY HEROES WALK……with all healers and heroes and heal spells….

  24. Upgrade your positions

  25. GodSon invite Me In Your Clan My Profile Tag #P899PUV08

  26. WTF hall 12 ???

  27. Whats the name of background music

  28. What's your tag babe…

  29. God son is the best player of coc

  30. So cool and amazing subscribed

  31. Y9LOLYRLR I was banned what I do

  32. How do you get a giant skeleton

  33. It doesn’t work because in case you didn’t know poison spells only work on defending cc troops that’s why I barely ever use it

  34. RIP walls

  35. Love those new machines

  36. التحديث الاخير مابيشتغل على جهاز LG. ممكن تحلو هذه المشكله وبإسرع وقت

  37. Godson always do some funny crazy stuff xD I love it

  38. Congrats on the Clash of Clans New update livestream

  39. How do you get a giant skeleton

  40. Which mod did you use

  41. Sir i lost bmy th10 nearly maced out …1+ years gine still supercell nit replying

  42. How you got Giant Skeleton

  43. hiiii

  44. Kinda clickbait

  45. Come on Godson now people will be doing this as much as annoying queen walking is