How To 3-Star at TH8! – TH8 GoHo – 3 Minute Guide – Clash of Clans – Best TH8 Attack

  1. @clashbashing!! I didn’t take to long to get REJECTED to join Mad Ram 8.9 Btw I’m Lil Raph and Raphael that tried to join

  2. Sir make a vedoi on top 3 attack of th8

  3. Nice video try to do more war attcks for th9 that will be useful for us.

  4. Teach us how to make a engineer base

  5. I've heard this song before on some videos..!

  6. Your intro is awesome

  7. Hi guys I am selling my YouTube channel anyone wants to buy or exchange with th11 mx then reply me plz

  8. Super helpful?

  9. Good concise video Rocky. Way to go!

  10. Before i went th9 i did 40 hogs attacks and basically trippe stared everyone who didnt have cc but it cost 2000+ thatswhy i stopped

  11. best coc youtuber

  12. one of my fav strats at th8 pretty foolproof and easy to do. 😀

  13. I used this attack strategy and it was amazing! Thank you Clash Bashing!!

  14. great vid really helped as a th8

  15. New susbcriber bro

  16. You called the drag a wiz

  17. I prefer GoValk! Any farming strategies that will get you a 1 star?

  18. Yo thx Rocky, needed that strategy

  19. Ur my fav coc youtuber keep it up

  20. The sweet memories of TH8!