How To Arrange War Matches + GS96 vs Clash Nerds Fresh Th9 Attacks

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  1. Tip don't use .5s in arranged wars it Fucks things up

  2. Привет Гади !) спасибо большое за видос ) молодцы отл отыграли чуть не повезло, ничего страшного то что не убивает делает сильнее )

  3. Neatly Explained :)

  4. going to make a spreadshit….. I don't know how to make that. Just teasing u gaḍi, nice video hehe

  5. Cmon bro, you definetly smoked something :D

  6. Very interesting ty!!

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  8. nice video man !! :)

  9. The most important part is missing… Where do we find clans who want to arrange a war? I've seen but it doesn't seem people on their are serious. So unless you are a youtuber then most likely you have the opportunity to do this.

  10. так эпично проиграли! атаки реально awesome

  11. how do I know the weight of my clan mates? i can't see the war loot of my own clan mates. Help please

  12. @gadi hh thx man , The one I was waiting for a long time, I think its 10k to be more precise

  13. tell me about destruction? how's it ? and really ur videos is superb…nyc

  14. Is the video grainy to anyone else or is it me ? I'm on iPhone 6

  15. Really nice Videos man hold on! Greetings from Chiron!!!

  16. 2:12 I love spreadshits

  17. Hi Gadi i just 3 star max TH9 base who have lvl 25 queen &16 king with my lvl 11 king & queen GoVaHo can i send my video to you. tq keep up the good job your channel deserve more subscriber.

  18. guys, just make sure to check a weight when a base was attacked by the same town hall. for example th9 vs th9. if a higher town hall attacks the base, the weight won't be accurate

  19. thx Gadi. do you guys tell people to stop upgrades at some point? if so how early do you freeze upgrades?

  20. thx!