How to BoWitch – TH10 Attack Strategy Guide for 3 Stars | Clash of Clans – Elite Gaming CCL Week 1

  1. what is do for if cc has max level drag

  2. what if they have valks or baby drags in the cc and you cant lure them ? all the gobowi attacks you showed us have hound or golem

  3. Suppose the queen is walking outside. Then, if there are a dragon and baby dragon in the cc, they will destroy all the bowlers coming to the center of the base.

  4. best queen walk that I have seen in a very very long time

  5. Excellent Vid, Surely i got lot to learn :V

  6. Nice

  7. Will it work on true th10s? Seems like these are low 10s

  8. How does the opposition's cc troops get easily killed? It never happens whn i attack.. thes jus one wizard to kill… and jus one poison.

  9. How you only have 45k followers is beyond me. Always awesome videos!

  10. I've stopped many Bowitch attacks because I prefer to have 4 Balloons and 7 Minions with any single space troop equalling 35. Bowitch only works in war ONLY if enemy's war cc is filled with rushing troops, group traveling troops, or Lava hound.

  11. oh wow! good strategy but the problem is that…….

    I'm th8

  12. Love all of these strategy

  13. Are you taking more bowlers in your CC??

  14. I don't think it is possible to me because i only have 17th level queen and 18th level King

  15. If the clan castle dragon is in side 3 star not possible

  16. strategy works if there are no troops in the cc that will destroy all your bowlers, esp when you dont have units against air in the middle.

  17. Plz any one who can give me clan lvl4

  18. Love your content, would it be more interesting if sometimes you show your attack also

  19. cant do the first attack without knowing there is a lava in cc, clean up attack

  20. Definitely what I was looking for. T.T is definately a monster at this attack . I have seen him on echo thru me gaming and the way he explained the bowitch helped me in getting my first th10 3 ?

  21. Very nice tutorial

  22. judo sloth just send me dragloon

  23. Awesome stuff man see u after long time nice one

  24. nice explanation dude loved it

  25. How to kill cc if comes dragon ?