How to Defend Against Miners at TH10

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  1. this base is great! i just defended lvl4 miners. and guess what, my i.ts are only lvl1 and the other defenses are of th9 only

  2. Very nice video keep it up!Love the detail in your videos though

  3. Any th9 base builds coming up?

  4. maybe a base for th9 against golaloon or aqlaloon would be cool. I do air attacks and is hard to get a base with difficulties for Golaloon strat. Good vid :)

  5. the center of that base can easily be taken down with a goboner. not a good base

  6. i cany help but wonder, why in spanish?

  7. very good talk man, learned some good set ups from ya. Yeah, golems work great in the cc. Haven't been nailed from miners yet but, with valks they do work great forcing a heal to be used and if they miss the heal. they drop from a splash damage. keep up the great tips ??

  8. A golem explosion does 550 damage. A miner level2 has 550 HP. So a golem is perfect if the miners target him

  9. I'm having success against this anti miners base with old school stoned goho

  10. Hi, I'm a fresh th10 and need a new base?
    so could you make a th9.5 base building?

  11. How about showing actual replays on the base in war

  12. why dont you put the town hall instead of the gold storage in the core because the town hall has more hitpoints, and you might be able to defend against th9 2 star attack too.

  13. help me out man

  14. longtime onehive sub…we're matched vs an engineered do I report them or do anything?

  15. nice vid :)

  16. nice