How to get TONS OF LOOT in clash of clans! Also we are back! What happened to my channel?

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  1. Anyone want me to livestream tonight?

  2. This looks so easy….. But most people arent in Masters, dont have Max
    loons and dont have heroes that high :(

  3. Like if you’re watching in 2015

  4. For people worrying about getting to masters league in order to get this
    loot, the bloon strategy works really well at lower levels too. Maybe the
    loot yield won’t be quite as high, but I make nearly as much on my lower
    level account with level 5 bloons, lvl 2 mins and a lvl 1 king :)

  5. We are BACK! Hope this helps you guys make some major bank!!

  6. Sick intro bra hahahaha

  7. Not sure on the economics: spend about 330ke, guessing around 400de…and
    probably 2 1/2hrs minimum build time (spells)…for max of about 450k gold
    (w/ bonus). Seems like there might be easier ways. More battles for
    less. I can attack every 15-20 minutes with simpler troops, and every
    other time with bk and a spell if necessary. Farm about 50-60k e and g and
    maybe 100-200 de, and that’s in Gold 2, so barely any loot bonus. Seems
    like it nets out quite a bit more. I was shocked at TH8 and Gold 2 that my
    big win opportunities dropped off (no more 300k wins it seems). More of a
    loot-grind now.

    Just finished watching video now…”super solid raid”?? lost over 100ke
    net and only gained about 260k gold but it took 2 1/2 hours to build the
    spells, right? Doesn’t seem very efficient. 5 mini-raids for 50k gold
    would be just as efficient and maybe even net more elixir and de.

  8. You do realize that 35 balloons costs over 150K elixir to produce right?
    You’re actually net gaining such a small margin this strategy isn’t
    optimal. NEXT VIDEO

  9. not bad dude keep on with good shares !!

  10. how do you drop troops on different sides of the map at the same time?

  11. Can i join your clan im level 93 almost maxed th8

  12. I’ve got a better way , fill ur army camps full of barbarians then attack
    collectors of high lvl farming bases. I got over 500000 in 10 mins. Also
    join my clan GB warriors

  13. I tried joining but I got declined my profile was Mr money 

  14. How did u get 5 buliders and this video goes to th10,th9 bases im th8 so

  15. Great video recorder..

  16. Can i join your clan i am a th7 lvl 40 with troops up to wizzards

  17. Hey this was uploaded on my birthday

  18. Join my clan the name is PHENIX REAPER pls join

  19. I wanna push and save loot….. Is it possible of so someone answer!!

  20. This Doesnt Make Sense How To Get A Loots!!!

  21. he has king lvl 218 at the beggining of the video

  22. Wow

  23. can i join ur clan ?? i m maxed th6 !! n upgraing to lvl 7 !! ?

  24. Join my clan please it is called Dark Snickers

  25. Is it just me or did I hear Avada Kedavra in the intro?