How To “GOHO” TH8 3 Star Attack Strategy Guide | Full Tutorial | Clash of Clans

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  1. Plz mas hogs at th 8…and dragoon, ,…u r dragon attack guides r splendid. I always recommend u r videos for my clan mates..The guides r comprehensive and easy to keep posting such tutorials. .after th 8 ,I hope there would b some stuff for new th 9s..u know the to farm and which attacks to use for war nd stuff.

  2. how can i send my 3s GOVAHO attack to you.
    i'm a max th9 but the wall is not

  3. I was wondering if anyone would like to subscribe, I just started this youtube channel, I will subscribe back, comment to let me know

  4. more lavaloon would be cool!!I've only tried once and failed lol!!

  5. Govalo th8

  6. I really want a hog attack for th7 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Just got lv 4 hogs can't wait to use tjis

  8. th 10?

  9. Omg your amazing thank you so much
    i finnaly learned i was doing it so wrong

  10. #KillerBacon! Great guide Wicked, thanks for featuring my attack glad to have contributed! Keep up the good work brother!

  11. I use stoned entry and it works at almost all th 8 max bases but time becomes an kill takes a lot of time for me.i take max hogs in my great video..I absolutely love ur dragloon videos..They taught me all abt drag attacks.keep up the good work.

  12. #Dontkillabacon

  13. plz govaho and govalo…plus I really struggle wth cc kill…not using witches..will u show how to use barbs and wiz efficiently and effectively.plz…

  14. killa bacon!!!

  15. is it very expensive and what must be your hogs level?

  16. Wicked can you do a th9 goho tutorial

  17. Can dragon rider be an Attack strategy?

  18. Where's the Valkyrie tournament?

  19. #Killerbacon

  20. #KillaBacon,Great tutorial wicked!

  21. #killabacon Great Vid! Could you do some Th9 QW govaho,goho,golaloon strategies on anti-3 layouts?

  22. Helped me a lot

  23. Second scrubs!!!

  24. FIRST ! 😛 Let me know what tutorial you want to see cause I'm updating all of them. Cheers Wicked Army!!!