How to GoLaLoon in Clash of Clans — 3 Star Attack Strategy

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  1. 1) this attack wasnt even that good 2) for all u wonderingg what do do with a drag… use a poison to slow it down and AQ kills it.

  2. love the video would like an updated version with dark spells

  3. Does this work with Dragons and/or witch in CC?

  4. Thanks for helping with suck less ? This tutorial helped our clan with a win. 100 to 99 ? Thanks Jake ☺️

  5. 3rd base is an easier 3 star with GoHo :)

  6. What should i do if there is a dragon inside the cc pls i need your help

  7. hey jake, im a fan of your war strategies and one hive also. hope one day i could join you guys.
    i'm a mid th9 (lv2 golem. lv2 lava. lv 10 arch'q and lv 10 kingbar) am i able to pull this strategies out ? and im bad at funneling, maybe some tips for that ?
    thank you.

  8. Can you show an updated video now that their is the addition of the two air sweepers that further complicate this attack strategy? 

  9. How do you figure out right amount of loons to bring… whether there's too much loons or too little

  10. Jake, do you think maybe down the road you'll have time to go back and revisit some of these strategies to demonstrate some of the new wrinkles that the dark spells might bring to the them?  My favorite videos on your channel are the attack/defensive strategy videos.  Thanks!

  11. With a drag or hound in the cc what do you recommend doing? After seeing it pop out?

  12. u should have 1M subs man ur awesome 

  13. Watch "Clash of clans Golaloon 3 stars attacking TH9" on YouTube –

  14. I am a max th8. About to push the upgrade button and go to 9. Any advice as to what 3 star attack strategies will work for me early on against lower th9s and what should I upgrade in lab first? Was thinking tokens but not sure.

  15. I'm a relatively new th9 trying to learn to 3 star, I was wondering that if my golems are only level 1 will this strategy work for low th9s? I have enough dark to upgrade my queen to level 6, but I also am considering upgrading golems to level 2.

  16. Practiced a few with some success…. then I got a good one to secure a win for my clan. Made a couple of minor mistakes (missed my king ability, he died pretty quick. And didn't get the jump spell down as quick as I intended) but it didn't matter. Still killed it. AND…. Jake is right. The higher you're heroes are, the better, but my king in this one is only 9 (upgrading now to 10) and queen is only 6.
    Wish I could share the video with y'all. Thanks for the tips Jake. Love the way you break everything down and explain each part. You're a great teacher. 

  17. Thanks for the vid Jake. Only managed to successfully GoLaLoon on 7th attempt. Was using level 10 heroes ? Subscribed.

  18. Yo onehive, idk if you remember but I was a gowipe lover, still am, and I have gotten 3 stars on a th9 but it's usually 2 stars, probably because of my level 3 golems and level 10 heroes but I'm back to say that I have fallen in love with golaloon, one if my first raids when I got lavahounds I 3 starred a max base ! I wanted to apologize for being immature and putting down your attacks, over gowipe, though I still love it and use it, you can make it work, I did last war, got 3 stars on a th9, but I am obligated to say if the base is right golaloon is far more effective, the war I'm currently in I got a 3 star on #6 using golaloon and a 2 star 84% using gowipe on my mirror #8. 

  19. I don't have enough time the destroy all the remaining stuffs. Three times getting 2 star continuously… Getting 90% above