How to Use Miners at TH10

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  1. I've been working on something similar with a bowler walk, but only 10 miners. Looks like I need to up my miner count. Thanks for sharing Bisectatron!

  2. Nice vid! I wonder what could be the other possible way to use miners tho

  3. Lets hope ppl see this and start doing hybrid combinations. Mass attacks are never a good option for keeping ppl interested in a game or community. I guess i have to start upgr miners in lab to see what's possible or not (-_-)

  4. nice, i will try this soon

  5. Yeah you pronounced it right this time lol. No worries though didn't bother me. I'm just happy to have some attacks featured in a clan full of such talent

  6. We need more videos about miners thl10

  7. Nice vid?

  8. great vid

  9. Hey great vid