How to Use Surgical Miners | Max that Rush ep12 | Clash of Clans

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  1. Well done Klaus this video is brilliant

  2. can you start let's play engineered for fun i have lvl 1 cannon bae townhall 11 no deffence working on offence can you start a series of it . i want you to max out this engineered base

  3. #Surgical Miner

  4. Yes Klaus is back

  5. You still do coc great


  7. #surgicalminers

  8. I have 7 accounts

  9. Klaus is full of facts today ?

  10. hello I a huge fan been here since 20k I was wondering if you can do a series with my account

  11. More max that rush!!!

  12. I am active player can I join your clan? My Id #PGP8ULPLP

  13. Yay Betty gets an upgrade!

  14. I'm upgrading to th8 and it has 7 days left :I

  15. Glad to see you pulling thru Klaus! I've been feeling bad as well but I believe I'm about over it! Feel better man and see ya next time!

  16. Hi klaus!!

  17. ?early squad ?
    ?you here?

  18. 29th Comment, Earliest I've Ever Been!!!!!

  19. Hi

  20. Can you make a video on how to use hogs or you made one already?

  21. Where's TH9 Dark Elixir time ? 😛 can't wait

  22. I love this "next time" on the end of the video.. Love you Klaus! ?

  23. fortnite

  24. Loving the vids keep it up

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  27. Thanks for the vid klaus❤

  28. I’m late but nice video again!

  29. yaaaaaaaaay KLAUS

  30. haii

  31. Hello

  32. Hey I was wondering wether you could give my clan a shoutout so far it had 3 members all which are my account I would rlly appreciate it if you would shout us out here is the tag #20RRJ8R0J

  33. Hi Klaus Keep the Great work up also a fan of your Awesome videos.??

  34. Hope you will get well soon

  35. 10th comment

  36. 130° to watch ^^