How to WIN more Clan Wars | Clash Of Clans CW Strategy | Lunar Rising Clan War raids

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  1. but it doesnt look like u guys were doing that well daddy? new star per
    attack was far lower than ur opponents – best of luck 

  2. Bruh in my clan we have to attack a town hall lower for both attacks and if
    we are sure we are gonna win the leader says we can farm

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  5. Daddy, even hear of Ghosting? We just finished CW with this clan Reddit
    Troopers #2YURC0YJ they are using this cheat obviously by the result of how
    they lure CC and know traps…this clan even wins 122 wars
    already…Hopefully, Supercell looks into this clan and ban them, and most
    importantly do something about this Ghosting cheat…

  6. Your intro is waaay too long.

  7. If there is anything good abut lil nipper in cw, its so so can check for
    teslas, traps, CC so other ones who will do the real attack know there they
    are. This is not cheating if anyone wants to tell me that…

  8. We call our fist # on a site we made we ve won 69 and lost about 13 

  9. When can i join the clan, Daddy? lvl,TH?

  10. We do like 10 attacks from people that know they can 3 star right at the
    beginning of war to intermediate the other clan , then we just chill out
    attacking effectively

  11. Hey Daddy! How about visiting some Lost Phoenix clans? 😀 Pls visit LP5
    Griffin 🙂 

  12. I’m in a very active war clan we ALLWAYS use ALL of our attacks in clan
    war. And our strategy is: Donating MAX troops for defence. And attack YOUR
    number. Example: I’f ur like number 24 on the map u need to attack their
    24. And 2nd attack 2/3 star someone. 

  13. Nice, keep being aggressive daddy. I was hoping lil nipper for the 50 star
    win :). 

  14. Top 5 wait until last 12 hours and take any 2 stars they can get, before
    that all clan attacks their number and any base they can get 2/3

  15. Hi Daddy, thats a nice strategy, altho raid anyone for 2nd attack im not
    sure mate. If you have th8-10 when its close then you need to be realistic,
    who has the chances of picking up stars on the th10s, the max infernos? its
    gonna be the th10s with freeze and higher heroes or maybe the high th9s. We
    play the 1st attack your opposite and 2nd is a clan discussion going for
    most stars but people nominating and discussing strategies and hitting
    their best shot at extra stars. We also say that the bottom 1/2 must try
    and complete both attacks in first 12 hrs that leaves the top guys to clean
    up where needed….But I guess communication is the biggest weapon in CW
    (behind being active)

  16. Whats with the Nome on the intro 

  17. We attack our equal number and then on2nd attack just go for stars

  18. we have our lower town halls attack first and then the higher town halls
    clean up

  19. i had my base like yours and a tree spawned in between my walls in the
    white space

  20. i like the idea of +/-3 in the war.

  21. Such a nice video 

  22. For my clan war strategy, I have the #1 in the clan attack the enemy’s #2
    and everyone else gets to attack down once, and hopefully three star (small
    clan with different town hall varieties so this works well) and no one
    complains about loot.

  23. Our strategy…
    We always start from number 2 (enemy)

    Our first member attack 2 n 3
    Second member attack 4 n 5

    That the plan

    Before u attack u ruq for troops and what base number u will attack.. No
    one attack for looot

    We always play 15 vs 15 ..


  24. Ours is very much similar. Im from pinoy lupin & pinoy lupin ii and we
    always win. I’d say we lose 1 every week or 2 weeks but other than that its
    a solid clan. We have to go against the person that’s exactly in front of
    us. So if i was 12, i’d have to raid the 12 of the other team, at least
    only for the first 12 hours. after that we like to hold on to our 2nd
    attack to loot, if not, we start cleaning up starting from the bottom.
    Check our clan war log, I’m sure you’ll be very impressed and very nice