How YOU can win with loons | Clash of Clans Balloon tutorial | MAX LavaLoonian

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  1. There’s HoLoWiWi (Hog + Loon + Wiz + Witch), a three-star exploit attack
    that’s pretty much exclusive to wars only because it’s base specific and
    the army is adjusted to attack the base. Basically it’s generally a TH9
    (some TH8) attack that is to deal with anti-hog bases that have three
    layers: a core on the inside, a “ring” of defensive structures on the
    outside, and junk buildings in the middle. Double Giant Bombs (DGB) are put
    in spots within the “ring” so that hogs will follow the ring, eventually
    hitting the DGB and being wiped out. The point of HoLoWiWi is to use
    balloons to take out the defenses surrounding DGBs so the hogs won’t go
    there, as well as lure the CC. When the CC is lured, they’re taken to a
    corner where the WiWi take care of them along with the heroes. Usually the
    defending AQ is also taken care of, sometimes with the help of a Golem and
    Jump Spell, where the King and all the backup troops take care of the
    defending Queen. Hogs will follow the new path of defenses, which goes
    straight to the core without hitting DGBs.
    Oh, and balloons are used a lot for single player maps as well as low level

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  6. Daddy, there is an attack where you can potentially 3 star anti-hogs with
    balloons. Because, anti hog bases have un-lure able CC, use some balloons
    to take care of all the defensive building on one side of the base, and the
    balloons should lure the CC. Then use giants and wizards to take out the
    core, use the rest of the balloons to take out the buildings on the other
    side to help the giants and wizards out of the core and you should be able
    to 3 star a anti-hog base. 20 balloons, few archers and barbarians to drag
    the CC troops away and giants and wizards. 

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  8. This is my favorite Clash strategy. 

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  10. witches, minions, 2 lava hounds, rest loons, 3 rage 1 freeze 1 lightning

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