I “3 STARRED” A P.E.K.K.A. | Clash of Clans | Mismatch Clan War Victory

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  1. looks like the grand warden is not the protector… HE'S THE SNIPER!!

  2. Lovin the war vids cam

  3. That 3-star music is priceless 😀

  4. Yoooo

  5. Join our clan today it's called Titans Empire

  6. keep this kind of vids coming. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

  7. Your channel is becoming boring bro. You need to change your games up. I'm not hating BTW, Just suggesting. 🙂

  8. Whenever cam says witches I think he says bitches

  9. Can keep up here war videos they are great?!

  10. Whats that song?

  11. That was close

  12. Who else are watching without socks?

  13. Your videos are awesome

  14. I 3s a th10 few h ago I'm th9

  15. Awesome video plz more clash of clans war videos

  16. Why didint cam play the 3 star music with that bald guy

  17. The WARDEN clutched holy crap that must be some kind of record

  18. So Cam can we get some videos on pokemon go fest plz

  19. Made a clan guys I hope you can join it's called Erick Rios chan

  20. Been here since 100k love your content

  21. Mr barbarian pt1 great vid

  22. Anyone nottice cam said 99 percent 1 star when he alredy got the to star

  23. Cam can I join ur clan

  24. Did he say he was going to kick that guy Cuz he lost?

  25. this god im my feed?

  26. thats what we want from u, chris
    well done! i love this vid~

  27. Sub to me plz when I get 50 subs I will uplode with a better camra

  28. Another great war vid

  29. Awesome video cam…. Keep it up

  30. I know why he gets less coc views now ! Last year when he used to attack with th9 and th8 people liked it because many were on those levels … now he only plays his th11 and many aren't that high .

  31. Last time I was this early Jake was in Disney

  32. That 3 star celebration gets me every time lol. love the clash content bro!

  33. Who else here after 2.1B views??…..

  34. Clutch ass aq, how it feels to 3 star !

  35. The sniper sound effects jumped scared me because of how loud my value value him volume