I CHOKED! Can I Redeem Myself? – Intense Close War! – Clash of Clans – Live War Attacks

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  1. That clan has a channel, Indian League Gamer

  2. wait what? You choked on a dock? ewwww

  3. GG

  4. That felt really intense idk why…

  5. Was a good war, hope to match with you guys again. BigCurt!

  6. Great vid

  7. Hey bash general tony was telling that coc is dead, is it true.

  8. this video is very good but i need a video on how to recover my th8 rush to max?

  9. Always like your vids mate

  10. can you give credits to the musics used in video?

  11. Devil would have gotten the 3 if he hadn’t choked on the warden ability

  12. Love you bash keep up the great work!!

  13. YOUR A GOD

  14. How is everybody doing

  15. 4th

  16. Love this channel look forward to seeing more of this thank you!

  17. 3rd

  18. Loving the content bash! Seriously, keep it up man! Looking forward to the audition for your clan! Much love!

  19. sir as usual i first sir can i join ur clan?