“I SAVED CLAN WARS!!!” | Clash Of Clans Clan War Savior Live!

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  1. What do you use to record your screen?

  2. How did you save clan wars? You still would have won anyway. Clickbait title

  3. Coda h

  4. So you're saying if I drop 100,000 rocks on your head eventually you will fall to the ground and drop a $50 dollar gift card? GG.

  5. 100,000 to 1 chance of winning the gift card, SO EXCITED sarcasm

  6. Hey Tony,do you put Lavahounds in your Clanwarscastle because it is best in value/money? Im looking for troups in CWCC, where the price doesnt matter. Following are my compositions, what do you think? For 30 spaces- 2 Witches- 1 Loon- 1 Archer. For 25 spaces- 1 witch- 1 loon- 1 Harry- 2 Minions. or 1 dragon, 1 loon? really, resources don't matter to me, are there better army compositions? Thx in advance, Atten.

  7. Haha amazing video I love it!

  8. Whats your intro song name ,Tony

  9. Easy 2 star base lol hes a terrible attacker.

  10. Can I join your clan

  11. 100,000 sub HYPE!!!

  12. 4:11 Queen and King hahahahahahah

  13. Y cant u open up your clan?

  14. That lava tho XD

  15. yesterday i saw your subscribers were 95737 and today its 95925 i think tony u will have 100k subscribers pretty soon in about 5-6 days :)

  16. Tony he tryed to kill your organic grass bro

  17. can i show you my new troll base th9? very successful so far!:)

  18. lol i woulda just barched that base lmao

  19. He didnt want to drop a jump spell.. He just watches clash with cam and he thought we had to do what he does.. #camsucksatattacking

  20. Lol.. I could see 1 three starring 2 right after war ended.. If that would have happened i would have cracked up so hard… (I know it would be a draw but still u dont get that much loot)