I WAS SO CLOSE TO TITANS!! | -95 TROPHIES!!!! | Clash Of Clans

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  1. Love it mate i am one pf king gamers mates love your content aswell mate??

  2. No plz stay on clash of clans

  3. keep doing videos. ..

  4. Congrats on 6000 Smiffy! You're awesome! Even though you're still 12 subs away you'll get there today!

  5. hey smiffy i just subscribe to you

  6. If clash dies, play Pokemon Go!

  7. I would join any channel you start Smiffy!!! <3

  8. 58th

  9. i love ya smiffy

  10. +Smiffy can u pls make coc YouTube clan????

  11. I am pushing my life because I am 56 trophs away from titan 1$

  12. M9

  13. omg nice video I LIKE it !!!! I think you should create a second channel

  14. Hey bro? You should make a baby account in General Youtube?

  15. Also me I will join

  16. great video

  17. Ayy, so close bro. Thats so unlucky dude. Great video though bro!

  18. LOL dude we know you are fouseytube fan and he obviously will have some effects on you lmao.

  19. great video keep it up

  20. I feel sick ??

  21. Smiffy your growing so fast

  22. just keep pushing because I am already in titans 2 in my th 9 account

  23. lol

  24. WHO WOULD JOIN ME ON THE JOURNEY IF I CHANGE MY CHANNEL ROUND LIKE I SAID IN THE VIDEO?? The change won't happen for a while btw, until clash is legit dead! ?:)

  25. 30th

  26. #Your the best YT

  27. Come on smiffy u can do it to 6,000

  28. Haven't even seen the Video i'll be like: like! Like! LIIKEE! xD

  29. 7th like bro:(

  30. 17 SUBSCRIBERS AWAY FROM 6,000!! TY ALL!! :):):)