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  1. Just waiting for the update to download! Anyone else?

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  5. Powerband is SICK, yo!

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  9. Update is here bitches.

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  13. update out bro

  14. servers just went onto a maintenance break for 90 minutes. The update is coming!

  15. I want to b in ur clan

  16. FRЕΕ GΕМ$ НERE https://t.co/lBDM9iXYfx

  17. Update? Maintenance break "couple of hours"

  18. UPDATE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. in a couple hrs i think

  20. the update is underway. just thought u should know


  22. 8:17 : "Shattered GoBoner from the bottom…"
    Really PB now you are just vulgar!

  23. when is the update? ughhhhh im so impatient i cant believe theyre doing a maintenence break instead of updating the freaking game like they said they would

    lol joking just thought id make fun of all the people whining

  24. Updates out in apple app store

  25. I just unlocked lava hounds and attempted GoLaLoon. It didnt go well. Is it possible to perform this with lvl 5 loons?

  26. Hey PB, thanks for the great conteint you always bring to us! Of course i really enjoy to watch these great attacks, but what do you think about bringing us a few fails too? and some first hits would be nice! :)

  27. Wat happened to you doing informational videos I miss then i feel like your just being lazy i mean if ppl wanted to know how your wars are going they should watch your streams

  28. and pb , can you please do a video on stay at th9, or jump and go 9.5, im a th9 lover, but it seems the .5s are the way of the future advantages on clash? ???? if you could do a video on this ill appreciate that a bunch, thanks for all your videos

  29. , im maxed out on all recorses and so are all my clanmates , in inferno revival , and no dam ud and were all getting smashed when our shields run out , grrrrrrrr. powerbang please come over to inferno revival and pop in have a fun war , and have some fun , wed love that, maybe you can help our th10s in strat, ??

  30. Love the jokes in this recap, your deep voice made it epic. Get well soon PB.

  31. bored of Go– Boner… Always 3 stars my girl Smh

  32. What's with the pink badges?

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  34. I m still waiting for update!

  35. loving the supercell publicity stunt. so many people getting booty hurt over nothing… there is no update.. it was just a good way to cash in off coc players. and they did just that. maybe by next year this time the update will be ready. supercell needs to fire there development team and hire a bunch of pre school kids. I feel the pre school kids would do way better than anyone at supercell

  36. Clash of clans <3 BRASIL

  37. Facebook yesterday : "The Update is just around the corner"! Fuck you! My ass is just around the corner! -.-

  38. PB knows when the update is happening, but if he told you he would have to kill you… Your "quick war attack" from Finland was boss, you should have been in the war we probably would have seen a 3 star!!!

  39. Wow.. So many kids crying for the update, just to clarify: There is no fucking date! No youtuber is hiding shit from us and even if they are it's for a good reason. Can't people just relax and wait the few days it's gonna take?!

  40. "Used an old sheet" LOL

  41. nice attacks

  42. idiot u cannot tell when update is coming fat guy

  43. when is the update power bang tell us pls im sick of this