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  8. Supercell are a bunch of idiots!! They just made th10 completely pointless in addition to making infernos useless=endless queen walk. Might as well delete the the game at this point.

  9. Love your videos and keep clashing btw i am a town hall 8

  10. I want to see a ice wizard army with lavaloon

  11. Why nerf x bows and infernos

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  13. This is how clash dies…

  14. 5:55 nazi symbol?

  15. I would like to be a part of the clan

  16. Like this comment if you thing Beak should play/post Fortnite

  17. Just gonna say that there will literally be no more use for the freeze spell anymore with the inferno nerf

  18. Beaker I have been meaning to make my own videos but I have been having trouble finding a screen recorder that WORKS seeing that you have been making videos with great quality I thought you might be able to give me the link I would really appreciate it ps love your vids

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  26. they should add more warden level

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  28. Why do you guys hate? None of you have tried it. Quit whining and wait.

  29. I'm going to love the army camp

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