INSANE TH7 TROLL [Trophy] BASE 2017!! | New BEST Town Hall 7 Trophy Base Design – Clash of Clans

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  1. COOL

  2. can you make anti loot base

  3. Your bases are the best out there, but i would like to see some troll bases please…

  4. What is this song

  5. I love you and your music keep it up

  6. Galera deixa seu gostei por que esse canal e massa sou BRASILEIRO e esse éo canal do layout th8, th7 e assim como outros layout de outros ths obrigado King seu canal e de mais quais todos os brasileiros conhece seu canal parabéns ai pelo o sucesso Tamo junto e nois


  8. Man I'm planning on a face reveal at 1k why y'all afraid to do face reveals? Lol

  9. Lol when I made this base, someone attacked me and got 13% lmao

  10. #noтιcaтιonѕqυad

  11. Nice one but can u make a th 8 push base?

  12. You really can feel my feelings cause you aways making bases which is done in my favorites!! 🙂

  13. nice video

  14. I'm almost maxed Town Hall 7…

    Could you make more videos on th 8 Trophy and Farming and Hybrid please?

  15. King can you Pls make a new th8 trophy Pls bro

  16. Good design I did and if it served me

  17. 100th

  18. first(not really??)

  19. The base really work nice video

  20. #notificationsquad

  21. You should show some one that attacked you with the base

  22. Nice video ??

  23. #8jyyuuou is pleyar ko search karo

  24. #notificationsquad

  25. That is Really King ?