InTheDark PERFECTS TR clans – The Clan War of 2018 – 50x 3 Star – See ITD War Log

  1. B-e-autiful! Congrats itd.

  2. Inthedark and Ed TY

  3. I used to watch you like two years ago and you're still doing the exact same stuff lol

  4. NELLY da GEMMER !! hahaha

  5. Awesome war eid pls make its part two opaopa

  6. Seriously ed u guys hv freaking skill……just gg..????

  7. Nice to hear Dizzy is back 🙂 maybe a new "fuck" message 😀

  8. I saw "echo thru me" channel the other day.
    They got butt raped by golden goblin's

  9. Dayum !! Y'all opened up a 55 gallon drum of woop azz

  10. Oopaaa oopaaa. Nice war. ?

  11. Always my favourite upa upa thank you ed love you

  12. clash with ed maybe don't talk in ur videos put some music i can't hhear u anymore its make the video too boring

  13. like what's the amount of bucks u spend on Gemming ur ACC's?

  14. Nice attacks ????

  15. Was the first base that nelly attacked get three starred before her attack? Because i cant find any other explanation on how she knew the tesla locations.

  16. Nice video EdDaGemmer awesome guys

  17. Finally , in the dark active again. .?????

  18. Nice war ✌️?

  19. Ed you are superb and to rich dude

  20. Noobs

  21. Solo all strar

  22. i missed itd ?

  23. Nice War

  24. wow that log! oppaoppa

  25. Like Ed ✌️

  26. 1

  27. Ed the best.