Introducing the Clash of Clans Friendly Challenge!

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  1. رمضان مبارك عليكم الشهر الفضيل

  2. RIP clanwars

  3. هل من عرب

  4. Amazing! Test your base by having a 24 hour cool down on the base if you move a giant bomb to actually "test" things. Not like they could've implemented a simple feature where the cool down only happens if you re arrange more than 10 buildings or something.

    Oh and wow you guys are early.

  5. Please make this game for windows 10 mobile also i need to play it on my other android mobile or sometime in pc

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  7. pretty late on this video supercell,that was days ago lol

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    تو ينزلون عنه سلامات ههههه

  13. nice

  14. Clash of clans is dead clash royale is the hype now.

  15. this has been out for a week im sleep

  16. hiii May favorit game ♥♥

  17. creo q soy el único q comentó de los q hablan español ja. gracias a los q lo leyeron y un like? suscriban se :D

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  20. this video is so late

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  22. Clash Of Clans please add friendly challenge no-time troops training because practicing new tactic is a waste of elixir and dark elixir