Is Baby Drag Loon the Best TH9 Push Army? – Zero to Hero – Th9 Push to Legends – Clash of Clans

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  1. Finally, a th9 let’s play is out again

  2. Hey Clash Bash, I have a th9 question: Can you Zap Quake with lvl 3 eq??

  3. i asked you what the best th9 attack strategy was last night on stream XD

  4. nice army rocky..!

  5. Speedbuild tomorrow? c:

  6. Youtuber?

  7. Best YouTubed ever

  8. plz

  9. Yo bash

  10. Can you send me an invite plz

  11. clash bashing love your videos try to join you clan but you reject me I am not rushed and I am th9 so way don't you what me in your clan the name is watts the code is 8CC8GVC22

  12. I hit legends couple days ago as a th9… can I join your clan for dragloon cc I’m very active and I donate a lot.

  13. Cool

  14. 3668 trophy

  15. th9 max wow?

  16. Why don’t you get haste as cc then you got a maxed haste and the level of the eq doesn’t matter

  17. Much love brother. Hope you have a good day and a good stream

  18. You are awesome men ?? awesome video

  19. Nice Video ist Help me by ja bushing i Push to legend be to with th9 gut i m in 3900 in the Moment

  20. Real Madrid 1-1 PSJ♨

  21. nice video bash

  22. step 1 click the video step 2 like it step 3 comment step 4 watch the video

  23. Liked and happy that u got my req of govape

  24. Go to sleeeep

  25. Bro…make a video of th9 base layout of urs like th8 please

  26. Nice video ???.

  27. I am ur 10 ? just from a fan

  28. Can't wait for tomorrow's stream

  29. Nice

  30. Hi,could u film the Mad Ram Event war?

  31. Baby drag? Sounds cool. I used Queen Walk Valk Dive.

  32. Yeaaaahahhhh boyss ❤️

  33. Why this nigga so lonely

  34. Steam? ?