Is GoVaPe the Best TH9 Push Army? – TH9 Zero to Hero Ep.10 – Clash of Clans – TH9 Push to Legends

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  1. Hmm preety good attacks

  2. Go vape ;DD

  3. plz acept beautiful boy


    jk xD

  5. I’m th10 and my goal is to hit legende league same day as you I’m at 4672 RN I’m not even close to max but I’m max th9,5 i got infernos and my heroes is 21/23 but my AQ is close to 24 love you and GL

  6. interesting attack strategy name lol

  7. yeee i’ll go vape

  8. I got a 3* in war with a small killsquad and lavaloon :)I haven't used this strategy at all, and my first attempt was a 3*…

  9. I want bash to push th5 and beat my personal best.

  10. Spread your troops out more creates a wider funnel and a better chance to 2 star the 11s

  11. Btw I really want to join in Your clan Can I join pls?

  12. Thnks for this bro I will use that

  13. I always change my troops to push cause sometimes A lose

  14. Rockey, do you realize that you are attacking alot of persian players? Around half of em hehehe

  15. Wat are thoooooose

  16. Im so late

  17. Thks for vid, facecam will also good for vid

  18. What up bash

  19. Bash , is there any alternative cc troop ? Without valks and bowls ? Bcoz clan mates strictly said DE troops only for war .

  20. nice video bash, Please stream lil hit earlier than usual u always steam like 12 am or 3 am for me

  21. would you recomend this for th11 ?

  22. New lvl 6 valks look like wonder women?

  23. I would take advantage of a lvl 30 queen and do queen walks Clash Bashing.

  24. I didn't know I was using GoVaPe

  25. I like the 'no facecam'

  26. I personally like the no face cam its easier on my eyes ? ……Kappa

  27. I'm subbing 10/10 Channel!!

  28. Hi bashy how are u brother??☺?

  29. The face cam makes this video 100x better

  30. awasome video