IT WORKED! Clash of Clans 6th Anniversary Base Design

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  1. 0:59 u actually can leave 2×2 open spaces, but u must spread out ur base so there are no spawn points for enemy troops except on the outside

  2. Hey Galadon ! I Would really appreciate it if you make a video on the best TH10 war base . I really need a good war base! Thanks

  3. I could have swore i saw galadon on the leader boards one time🤔

  4. i have every single seasonal thing since the game has been released. even the gold chain tree 😀

  5. The only on I see that your missing is the rare stone that's like 4 stones

  6. I did a base like this and I haven’t gotten another cake for 4 days what is wrong

  7. When will you start maxing out your walls because then you'll be the first player to have everything maxed out in the game

  8. I REMEMBER THAT PETER 17$ video

  9. Rocket

  10. fortune tree is mising

  11. Till now coc has not fixed cloud for legend players

  12. Coc is …

  13. Yo,galadon

  14. galadon..can i enter ur clan ? i just back from hiatus..stop playing COC since april 2017..i am TH11 with 454520 heroes..need an active and strong warclan

  15. Galadon which app or software do you use to record your video

  16. I want a PES indro or football indro video.plz help me

  17. How to make this like indro

  18. Bro do u have discord bec i found a base that had no tassels and its a town hall 9

  19. yes i have 2 cake in my base

  20. Plise

  21. Bri I need vilage plise give me

  22. I have 5 cake

  23. I will not be kind hahahah


  25. lol u missed a spot

  26. Does the cake respawn.