Jumping Witches and Max Rage on a strong base in Clash of clans

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  1. LOVE the witch, hope you enjoy :)

  2. Try Gobitch strategy hahahahahahaha

  3. I’ve been saying that from yesterday. They’re overpowered.

  4. What would happen if the wich was the first troop u trained, would she not
    spawn skeletons?

  5. good idea

  6. Daddy u r a great base u should ne up in masters league u r an amazing

  7. Daddy, i have given over 8000 troops to sky clans in the past week, yet
    just got kicked, would appreciate an explanation

  8. Come and subscribe!!

  9. Wow you smashed that guys

  10. Can you tell the people in the forum about something like a
    wallbreaker/minion thing that goes straight for the townhall like a suicide

  11. is there one for the lower levels?

  12. he spends a bit on gems every week or so.

  13. Daddy what level do you need to join golden sky

  14. daddy can you check out allnations123 its a new channel please check it out
    it has my bam raid on one of the vids i am samtherugbyboy please check it
    out and tell me how to improve my bam

  15. Please use a better dictionary.

  16. lol glad you find the videos interesting James

  17. I think the range of the witches needs to be nerfed.

  18. Daddy, is there a reason why you don’t upgrade you barracks all to level
    10? I just finished mine to level 10 and it’s the best feeling! Nice video
    btw 🙂

  19. Basically, if im not wanted in sky family daddy thats cool, but would love
    an explanation why i was kicked as it was abrupt and without cause

  20. Clash of with Mummy!!!

  21. I found you but I didn’t attack Cus I knew I would lose lol

  22. More videos!

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  24. Witches are too op

  25. Hi Rage (and thanks for the other comments) – entry requirements are lvl 80
    and above if you meet these then please don’t hesitate to apply imperial,
    Azure and Crimson are currently recruiting – Violent is 85+ and Dark is 95+
    Best regards D