June 2015 Update – Clash of Clans Sneak Peek no. 1

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  1. i heard you say ASSWEEPER

  2. Crash of Crans, I ruv it

  3. Pero sale Hoy?

  4. Will there be Town Hall 11??

  5. Nice 

  6. Looks awesome 

  7. :DD Such a nice Video Simon 🙂 One question can you make a new base build ? :DD i loved your old th8 and 9 :DD

  8. So does that mean level 4 drags will be for th9?

  9. +Simon Tay Hi can you pls do an tutorial on how to install led lights and trolley to the airwheel thx.

  10. When is sneak peek no.2 it's so cool I can't wait

  11. Nice video! When will it come out and do you know if that is all there is going to be? Thanks!

  12. 2 air sweepers thats OP WHAT THAT IS SHIT NO MORE LAVALOONIAN :(

  13. Go watch galadons video about the new sneak peek in 1:57 you can see that the gold storage did not take damage from the lightning haha gud bye Zapping XD

  14. Can't wait for Level 5 drags, and to see how the second air sweeper effects the air!!

  15. Is it true that dragon 4 now will be available on th9?

  16. They better not release it tomorrow, it's been small update after small update

  17. 2nd ass sweeper LMAO 

  18. Its real life ?

  19. Well there goes air raids…