LAVALOON 3 Star Th11 Legend by Daddy&American Pie (Quantum’s Web) Daily Clash E018 – Clash of Clans

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  1. I guess i have to blame you Ed for all the "fuck" and "fucking" i've been using in the past months when speaking english ahahah 😀 On a serious note awesome job, keep it this way! I love all these new series.

  2. You should do an extreme push and try reaching 6000 trophies and document it all into a video series, I know you can do it!

  3. bruv?? I haven't been checking you tube for long . I just see the other day that in the dark have shit loads of crap accounts in it ?? wtf bro ? sorry if you told this story before but I'm catching up . so what you guys th1 war clan now hehe . sorry bro I wanna know what happened??

  4. goodd

  5. Nice video ED. Thanks.

  6. I love seeing these air attacks ED! Thx

  7. wtf

  8. like brazil

  9. first