Learning Super Queen E01 | Extreme Dark Farming | Clash of Clans

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  1. Can I do this with level3 healers? (They're upgrading) with a level 21 queen

  2. i started on weak bases and super queened my queen from lv 2 to lv 20

  3. matty, I learned a lot from your loonions, laloons, goho etc… This is a great series.

  4. I wanted to say Thank You for this Video, and say what a great job you do for all of us everyday run of the mill clashers out there like me, putting out the great content that you do. Loonion had become a grind trying to get enough loot to do upgrades where I'm at in Champs, elixer is the hardest. This attack has saved me from leaving Champs and my last drill should be upgrading to Lvl 6 soon now that I spend less on my army. Sorry for rambling but I just wanted to say Thank You and keep up the good work!

  5. Before the update I would roll with 2 rage and 2 jump, now I go with 3 rage and 1 jump.

  6. takes too long to train…

  7. I like to throw in 4 hogs so I can take out a point defense targeting my queen or splash defense so I can funnel better with my archers.

  8. pls more of these farming videos :D

  9. What's the minimum lvl Queen u think u can do this with?

  10. Hey Matty, I am from Clan War Pros, you were about to come visit us but then something came up and you couldn't. I think you should consider coming to check us out again because we are currently sitting on a 17 war win streak and we just got matched up against a clan from reddit alliance so it will be a really fun war plus lots of good replays. 🙂 Also earlier this week another youtuber came to check us out and he had a lot of fun hanging with us. Please consider it. Thanks, Zach

  11. http://www.twitch.tv/de4thskive

  12. I would of trown my phone away if she would do that…

  13. Matty your vids are great but I've noticed you start quite a lot of different series and then never carry them on, just clash them as a regular episode!

  14. Hey Mattt, Here is a video suggestion :

    DE farming plan for th9, that would be handy for a lot of th9s.

  15. ya carry a jump

  16. U need jump spells…

  17. It's a guarantee win. I use this at master 2. So much DE.

  18. This strat didnt get nerfed i have been doin in pre and post update and am getting more de now coz ol the juicy bases ar now in the pool…. Carry rage spells with 5healers u shud be A-ok

  19. Does it works with Queen lvl 10 healers lvl 4 ???

  20. clashingmatty,don't make her walk around,just funnel in from both sides at the same time,then get her in with wb..i know u want the% but that way u will never miss a de storage like last raid..but gj matty,keep it up?