Legend Versus Legend – Clash of Clans

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  1. My name is Jafar
    I come from afar
    There's a bomb in my car
    Allahu akbar

  2. #redarded

  3. Good stuff

  4. "And it sounds more retarded" XDDD

  5. Hey guys I am trying to grow my clan and was wondering if anyone would be interested in checking it out and joining it?
    It is a mix of War and Farming Clan and we mainly aim for TH7-9.

    The clan tag is #YOV29V9Q

  6. hi brandon when youre gonna stream on twitch again

  7. When you said retarded I laughed my ass off

  8. Nice vid

  9. Won't you spend 50m of gold in this video too?? Fucking asian

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  11. What has happened to the 200 club no one is in it

  12. 1:42 Retarted

  13. 0:28 lol my name is Tony

  14. Lol the last bit of video

  15. Brandon where is Brandon 3 gone ??

  16. 'And definitely sounds more retarded' I dropped on the floor in tears

  17. #AndIAlmostForgotClashOn

  18. They'r are cool. they are retarded.

  19. Hi brandon!! Love ur videos. Quick question: isnt a little dumb to leave ur last job to do this full time?? (Not in a rude way :D) correct me if im wrong

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  24. Hey brandon..
    Where is your Lets Clash series :(?

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