Let’s Level Up 356, Supercell Fix COC? – Clash of Clans

Though it’s a short leveling up video, but still manage to get 4 questions answered. Interesting questions in this video, hope to get more interesting ones for the …


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  1. Hey brandon, if you were the CEO of SuperCell what would you add to the game? MEOW (btw this us ManyMints)

  2. When will be the end of coc?

  3. I'm a th8 in Champs II and the matchmaking in there is the worst I've ever seen…

  4. Hey Brandon! What do you think is going to be the maximum level that Supercell is going to add in coc?

  5. in which u are

  6. Hey Brandon! How long does it usually take you to get from one level to another?

  7. Are you a virgin?

  8. Hey Brandon, how do you feel about norsk global?

  9. CQOTD:Have you ever missed to screenshot your level at the "Let's level up series"? you are the best

  10. really amazing that the highest level in coc is on YT

  11. Hey Brandon, my question is: Why you will get level up? Succes with donating <3

  12. Hey, do you never play boom beach Brandon?

  13. Just warred against SG Gladiators. Why do you guys have to mod to win? 20 scout raids on all our top guys is sad Brandon. Congrats on losing a sub, and keep enjoying having your clan win wars unfairly.

  14. Do you Think Clash of Clans is nearly dead because of the Clash Royale global release?

  15. how do you that for there is so much demand

  16. glr sou br e estou fazendo vídeos sobre Clash of clans,se vcs puderem me dêem uma ajudinha lá

  17. Nic vid brandon

  18. Clash Royale content! Pls like so Brandon will see rhis

  19. hog dont' give you more exp of giant? is a dark troop but is same space and same time of the giant!

  20. Nice video as always Brandon! You level up so fast lol I have been stuck at 137 a while haha Keep up the videos bro!


  22. Hey brandon, y u still playing coc….. r u playing clash royale? if yes then r u leveling up in that?

  23. Keep it up

  24. Do some clash royale videos! :)

  25. Nice!

  26. Brandon when do you think you will reach level 400?

  27. If u sub to me my mom said I can have friends

  28. Nice video ?

  29. Awesome loving the videos keep up the great work I've SUBSCRIBED love if you returned the favour on my goal to 100 subscribers!!

  30. Hey Brandon, why do you still play Clash Of Clans? Who motivated you to play this? and Have you ever been in the Netherlands? 🙂 ~Meow <3

  31. Now i no what sg gladiators means

  32. Not trynna be rude, but when and where did u learn English? U talk well and choose your words in an impressive way… Gj

  33. hey brandon can you make a give away for resorces meaw

  34. The Old Matchmaking was better regardless of what you say Brandon.

  35. 2nd

  36. hi Brandon I'm a Singaporean 1st question:What Time do U Sleep Everyday

  37. top

  38. second

  39. Hi Brandon , why you dont join in clan REQ N GO , and stay ?

  40. first