Let’s play Clash Of Clans – Part 27 100% Clan Wars Battle!

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  1. @CH Y

    According to Supercell forum

    Is your clan not showing up in the clan search?

    This is most likely happening because your clan name is overly popular. Eg.
    If you choose Clash of Clans as a clan name, your clan might not show up
    there are thousands of clans named like that. It is always a good idea to
    think of an original name.

    – Unfortunately, all the simonvideo.com clones are not changing their names
    anytime soon hence the clan is not searchable for now.

    The only way to join is either get someone to invite you from within the
    clan, add me to game center (which is full), Facebook friends (error).

    Supercell should have unique clan ID number for each clan but I know it’s
    not going to be easy for them to make such system as clan can close &
    reopen frequently hence the programming may need some time to settle that
    problem else there won’t be enough numbers to allocate for each

  2. ur a high townhall and high troops and u attack a th7 what a coward

  3. When he says exposed it sounds like x bows


  4. Let’s play Clash Of Clans – Part 27 100% Clan Wars Battle!

  5. Wash your Face

  6. Why are u attacking a th7 u are a th9 wtf near maxed troops
    That means ur lower lvls have i attack the good people that you don’t
    attack and hogs can easily 3 star a maxed th8 base

  7. Your using too much troops and spells than it is necessary

  8. U should attack higher level bases not just low level ones you can easily 3

  9. Th 8 vs th 8? Is not just! Bad video!

  10. Let’s play Clash Of Clans – Part 27 100% Clan Wars Battle!

  11. Y wud u attack someone so much lower than ur recommended target?!

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  13. Your hogriders could have DEMOLISHED that town hall 7 without ANY healers.
    Just 2 heals would have done the job. Also, use 2 lines of hogs, not one.
    The thing is, that those bases could have been attacked by others, and you
    should have attacked a higher level base!

  14. This is my first video that I have watched of you Simon, and I have got to
    say that I really like it! Keep up the great work!

  15. Nice!

  16. Why are you attack th7 simon can’t you attack th8 and let weaker people in
    your clan attack those th7s? 

  17. th 7 really?

  18. whats the intro song called??

  19. ur the man simon

  20. What is ur educational background

  21. Lol. So much writing when u can as well just check the base

  22. Simon tay is a pussy he goes for way lower people to attack lol

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  24. Attack the recommended base next time 😛 or a stronger base, ofc you will 3
    star the th 7 base.

  25. No homo but I love your accent and you are always smiling your awesome keep
    it up btw new sub :)