LEVEL 45 KING! – Road to Max TH11 – Clash of Clans – Queen Walk Miner Farming

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  1. The level 15 archer tower has good stats but the level 14 archer tower looks awesome

  2. Please do some Push vids.

  3. hola, gran video

    soy uno de los muchos seguidores de este gran canal

    tengo una idea que apesar de no ser muy original creo que le puede gustar a muchas personas de CoC, pues no he visto videos en youtube de alguien que halla subido un th8 a leyenda en un tiempo limitado …. espero tu pronta respuesta

    saludes desde colombia

  4. Thanks bash for keeping my request which is th11 farming videos love u

  5. When you do clan games on this account, do slaying the Titans challenge which gives you 300 points for getting a 2 star

  6. Amazing video man your helping my base grow faster than ever! Thanks a lot! Definitely recommending your tutorials to my friends keep it up!

  7. My clan games is 2d ending

  8. I would like to join your clan and I am max th9 except heroes and few dark elixir troops


  10. U just forget to use the rune of elixir????????

  11. Hello how much time you think someone needs to get from th9.5 to get to 11 max??

  12. Keep it up

  13. Hey rocky nice Video still like your beard and would like to tickle it you Remember me from last stream? ?❤

  14. sry a bit late : (
    congrats for the lvl 45 king bruh
    u r progressing grate
    i love ur every vid
    by the way the next 5 v 5 or 5 +5 war
    i like the classic 5 vs 5

  15. In two hours im a new TH9!

  16. Nice video rocky !

  17. waiting for ur comment

  18. a person cheated me and hacked my th8

  19. bro can u give any th8.please help ur subscriber

  20. cool base

  21. ??????

  22. Hi

  23. Nice video bro ??

  24. Clouds sucks

  25. I'm a rush th8 that started with all level 1 everything except storages and I have brought back my rush to max lab lvl5 and Barb king lvl 3 thank you for showing me that it's possible to save that rush ?

  26. What can I Should I upgrade next at th8 valks or wizards

  27. Hope I'll get 10 likes?

  28. Good luck

  29. hey sir I am th9 and not too rushed base only defences like archers towers and cannons are remaining so should I upgrade my hidden Tesla or defense pls tell me

  30. hey dude how's it going? you probably remember me from the live chat last night

  31. Love u clash bashing rocky

  32. 12th

  33. without watching the video I know it’s going to be good!?

  34. hey bash try pubg mobile, that game is kinda trending now?

  35. Nice vid my king is level 3 I'm a th7

  36. second ?

  37. Yes another great video

  38. 2nd like

  39. Almost first