LEVEL 7 PEKKA vs ALL DEFENCES! Clash of Clans Update – CoC Max PEKKA Attacks 2018!

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  1. Can someone say 'broken' or 'OP'? In a few months you'll see another round of new defenses levels to correct this…OR…they could just not add this level and not need the balances later on…just saying.

  2. still here lol

  3. Is this new lvl

  4. Hii

  5. U didn't show vs the old Pekka would have helped hard to see wit u with out dvelper build

  6. TH10 GoWiPe? TH11 GoWiPe?

    Easy 2???

  7. Pekka time

  8. Perhaps time

  9. Yes bro now

  10. plz upload best strategy for th8

  11. did lvl 7 pekka come

  12. How much damage with rage spell?


  14. Nice video! Btw, how long does it takes for the base to cool down before friendly battle ?

  15. Please can I join your clan? Please

  16. now its P.E.K.K.A time.get ready th11 coc players .coming to destroy the bases .?

  17. And as always pekka needs more hp

  18. Judo sloth you are really hardworking you should be proud of yourself

  19. 1 I’m still here

  20. I love the amount of work you put into your videos. Keep it up!

  21. It seems that the single target Inferno Tower in your test version of the game (I think that's what it is) has already been adjusted to the 5.25 second wind-up time. Even still it was at least able to take out the Pekka, it would be highly disappointing if it couldn't. Throw in blocking buildings and Pekkas will still get wrecked by them.

    However, I think the Bowler attacks will definitely incorporate more Pekkas, especially if the base has multi Infernos. Thinking 3 Pekkas, 1 for each side-clear squad with 2 witches per side and one with a Golem mixed with the Bowlers down the middle through the Jumps and Rages. Basically instead of 8 witches, run 4 and replace the space with the Pekkas.

    Something like that who knows.

  22. First of all, sorry for my bad english. I just wanted to tell you that lvl 7 pekka on th8 will be a BEAST. It kills almost everything with only ONE hit (cannon, archer tower, mortar, bomb tower, wizard tower, all mines and collectors, teslas, air sweeper, all factories, laboratory and all barracks are destroyed with only ONE hit of lvl 7 pekka) It is true, because i have already calculated everything CORRECTLY. I think it is TOO OVERPOWERED.

  23. Huh. Maybe Gowipe will become a thing again.

  24. Infeeno tawer

  25. I love your videos because it has quality as well as detail description.

  26. Sneak Peaks over?!

  27. Lovely voice.