Light Weight Clan War League(LWCW) | Looninati™ VS Benfleet Union Trial War Recap | Clash Of Clans

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  1. I am leeham from AtomRush part of LWCW!! Really excited for LWCW to start on Sunday!

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  3. nice video. but
    any body please join my clan. my tag: 9VLP8LP20. please join my clan.

  4. Great video! You should work on the quality of your audio though.

  5. i subbed

  6. I subbed

  7. Great vid but no offense the quality is shit, the music and gameplay. The gameplay isn't shit the game quality is shit as in I can barely see

  8. where is the final score? u forgot to put war result in war recap video!!!

  9. Should've said who won,amazing job tho!

  10. nice video do u know when ur next coc stream is

  11. Hey you became bad to really great I love your vids Michael ??

  12. Noice

  13. wow bro

  14. what software do you use to edit your videos

  15. Nice vid!

  16. first

  17. First. Love your vids keep up!!!!!!??

  18. Nice